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(Thursday, 22 April 2010) Written by

I have had my chinese water (Moo Shu) for about 7 months now. 


I had a mishap with the first chinese water dragon that i got before Moo Shu. His name was Booma, he was very young, i didnt even have him for a month and he past way one night i got home from work. I read up on dragons before buying one so i was doing everything i was told. The Guy at Petsmart said he could of had a disease when i bought him.


So coming back to Moo Shu, up untill now everything seemed to be going great very active, shedding regulary, eating well (he even started eating meal worms, which he doesnt like so much now) but latley he has changes his habits. Moo Shu everynight would sleep up on the plants up in the top of his tank now he sleeps on the very bottom bedding on nothing like hes dead.


He hasnt ate much in the last week or so. I think he went like 3 days of not eating. But he has been drinking which i heard is a good sign. But he is still active and alert. There are no cuts or anytype of bodily injury. No discharge from mouth, eyes or nose. And i notice that hes starting to shed underneath his jaw.

 I just want to make sure im not parniod for no reason. And if anyone elses dragons have done the same thing. I dont want to prepare for another funeral!!!

Thank You, Corey Michael 

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