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25 new care sheets have been added to the Herp Care section of the site under the heading Amphibian Care Sheets.  These new care sheets cover a variety of terrestrial, aquatic and arboreal frog species.

The latest blog entries
UVB Time for Green Water Dragon
(Tuesday, 19 October 2010) Written by
I just got my water dragon this past Saturday and I have done a lot of research about them. He or she is a juvinile and I have been told UV is especially important when they are this young.   So my question is how many hours of UV do I give my dragon?   So far I have been turning it off at ... (97 more chars)
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(Thursday, 22 April 2010) Written by
I have had my chinese water (Moo Shu) for about 7 months now.    I had a mishap with the first chinese water dragon that i got before Moo Shu. His name was Booma, he was very young, i didnt even have him for a month and he past way one night i got home from work. I read up on dragons befo... (1017 more chars)
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(Tuesday, 23 February 2010) Written by
We have a wild toad in our tank.  It has several lesions on it's body which look like the skin has gone away after a blister or burn.  Can anyone help with treatment. thanks  
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(Sunday, 10 May 2009) Written by Donia
I had never owned any sort of reptile until one month ago when I found thorn sitting in a tank in a garden centre pet shop. i had always wanted a lizard, and my lizard of choice was a chinese water dragon. As thorn was not yet up for sale (they like them to feed by hand before they home them), this... (2454 more chars)
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What a difference.........
(Tuesday, 19 August 2008) Written by Carolyn Sheppard
with Sizzle today, he has had a complete turn around.  He is eating again, using the bathroom like he always did before this nasty hormone thing took over and was sleeping with his front legs thrown beside him.  I have to thank Tricia for all her help, because I was getting very worried about Siz... (176 more chars)
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Change in Male Iguana's behavior
(Monday, 18 August 2008) Written by Carolyn Sheppard
Hi, I'm new here and I'm having a bit of a problem with my green iguana, Sizzle.  He is 5 years old, excellent health and free range.    When he wants to go out he scratches on the door and I let him to bask in the sun and when he wants to come back in he scratches on the door.  He&#... (1270 more chars)
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(Saturday, 23 February 2008) Written by Cindy
Hi, my name is Cindy, I just joined this site. I got a Chinese water dragon about a month ago. Keep in mind that I have never owned any kind of reptile in my life. About a week after I bought it, it's legs started to swell. I took it to the vet immediatly. She did an ex-ray on it and told me tha... (428 more chars)
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Booger the Chinese Water Dragon
(Saturday, 29 December 2007) Written by matt dilliplane
Booger is my chinese water dragon. I've had him now for about 5 months and everything seems to be going great, aside from breaking his red light bulb (not sure what it is used for but the lady insisted I get one at the store) By now he's become quite fond of playing on my neck and on the tap... (190 more chars)
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Water dragon behavior
(Sunday, 27 May 2007) Written by Lee Malaspina
I just got a Chinese Water Dragon from PETCO. This store seemed to keep their animals well cared for. I put live Cilantro, Dill and Thyme in the aquarium along with the exact same processed bark bedding PETCO has in their display areas. I thought it might be a good idea to "give him what he is us... (1427 more chars)
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Reptile Rescue
(Wednesday, 11 April 2007) Written by Alex Solon
Hey all, my name is Alex. I am more than happy to answer any questions on Red Headed Agamas or Iguanas or anything else that others may have questions about.  I run a reptile rescue which I have found to be very rewarding for me. Not that I make any money at it, but that I am happy to know that ... (744 more chars)
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(Thursday, 15 February 2007) Written by Jeff Turple
Spartacus is my year and half old Chinese Water Dragon,right now he is sick he is infected with parasites so I am going to take him to a vca vet.  Just think and pray for him while he is sick.     IL  
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Red Head Agamas
(Sunday, 28 January 2007) Written by Tracy McCrory
Hello everyone!! I am new to this blog thing!   I am interested any info anyone may have about the Red head agama. Unfortunately, there really is not alot of info on them. The reason I am asking is because I recently adopted 2 Red Head Agamas. One is a male, his name is Brutus, and the other ... (536 more chars)
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T-Rex and Tails
(Friday, 28 April 2006) Written by Jeff Turple
     Well, I'm kinda new at the blog thing, but here goes.     Me and my 3 1/2 yr old son were in Pets Unlimited, just looking one day, when he started to show a particular interest in the Iguanas. Well, I have always wanted one myself, so it was a good pet/hobby for us to share.     ... (904 more chars)
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Article request
(Saturday, 04 March 2006) Written by Tricia Power
Guess what?    I received a letter earlier this week.  Well not a letter, an e-mail.  It was from a magazine editor.  Which Magazine you ask?  Why it was Reptiles magazine!    The editor wanted to know how much experience I had with Chinese Water Dragons. She also wanted to know if I migh... (4424 more chars)
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Drakes Chronicles for the Week of February 21, 2006
(Wednesday, 22 February 2006) Written by Michelle Murray
     Hello Drake Fans! Sorry I am a day late in posting my blog. I have been shedding and was a bit tired yesterday after completing my shed. My mom measured me Sunday and I am now 16 inches long. I also weigh 99 grams! But I prefer to say I weigh 3.5 ounces. Not bad for a dragon who 6 months a... (1270 more chars)
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Drakes Chronicles for the week of February 13, 2006
(Monday, 13 February 2006) Written by Michelle Murray
While the winter Olympic games did the Pinky wars. Bonehead really is adamant about getting me to eat those things.  She got quite creative this time.  She had this thing she called a fishing pole.  I heard her say that she hasn't used it for fishing yet, after owning it for alm... (3372 more chars)
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(Saturday, 11 February 2006) Written by Tricia Power
Hey! I haven't written for a while and thought I'd stop in and say Hello! I've been feeling lousy so I haven't been here updating the new site Reptile Logic as much as I would like to.    Hopefully I will feel up to adding more care and health related articles to the site soon.  I'm still o... (1950 more chars)
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Drakes Chronicles - Week of February 06, 2006
(Monday, 06 February 2006) Written by Michelle Murray
Has another week flown by so quickly? Well bonehead is out of the house and I have the computer all to myself. I am still playing catchup on everything so I think I will start with my house. Last week I told you that it took a long time to get my new home and mom "tricked" me into the new place. ... (5672 more chars)
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Drakes Chronicles - Week of January 30, 2006
(Thursday, 02 February 2006) Written by Michelle Murray
Well, it has been quite some time since I have been able to write my blog. It is ALL boneheads’ fault. First she got sick over this thing called Christmas. Then she was busy. Then she just forgot. She has sooooo many excuses! So I have now tied her up and taken over the computer! So to catch yo... (4027 more chars)
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Cuts Red Ribbon
(Wednesday, 11 January 2006) Written by Tania Cardenas
"Well, Jake is going to love what my husband and I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law.  Its a painting that her mother in law created of the whole gang reptile gang, Jake and the two Leos.  Its still wrapped up and protected in our bedroom as we decide where to put it.  As soon as we get it... (192 more chars)
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Bleh Wednesday
(Wednesday, 11 January 2006) Written by Tania Cardenas
Hey there folks. I know I promised a picture of that painting, and i t's on it's way.  I was going to upload it during lunch today, but turns out the puppy is sick.  Mosley woke us up at 5am this morning needing to go out, but I thought he had just forgotten to go before bed.  When I went home... (662 more chars)
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Christmas Time in Reptile Land
(Monday, 02 January 2006) Written by Tania Cardenas
Well, Jake is going to love what my husband and I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law.  Its a painting that her mother in law created of the whole gang reptile gang, Jake and the two Leos.  Its still wrapped up and protected in our bedroom as we decide where to put it.  As soon as we get it ... (94 more chars)
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New Year, New Pets?
(Sunday, 01 January 2006) Written by Tricia
     Happy New Year!     It's a new year and perhaps time for new beginnings.       In the summer of 2003 our much loved iguana, Napoleon, passed away. We think he was 12 or 13 years old when he left us. In the last 6 months I've been thinking more and more of getting a new iguana.... (3563 more chars)
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... Introduction
(Friday, 23 December 2005) Written by Thomas Henriksson
     I have two adult green/chinese/crested water dragons, Jade (who is male), is about 23 inches from snout to tip of tail, and Jack (Who is female, i got their names mixed up when I bought them) is about 18 inches long, and has a crippled finger, it's bent, and won't work but it is still aliv... (687 more chars)
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(Thursday, 22 December 2005) Written by Kelly Grajeda
      "Skittles" did very well at his vet exam. He is very healthy except for having too many protoza in his stool. So he has an antibiotic treatment to follow for about 5 days then two weeks off and five more days on. That should clear everything up nicely. I know I definately gave him the... (163 more chars)
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Hello everyone
(Thursday, 22 December 2005) Written by Kelly Grajeda
Hi everyone,      My name is Kelly and I have a 4mo old green water dragon named "Skittles". I got Skittles about a week ago and he has his first visit to the vet in about an hour. So far he is getting over his initial nervousness. For a few days he would not eat but I still kept offering a va... (553 more chars)
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Drakes Chronicles - First Letter to mailing list
(Friday, 16 December 2005) Written by Michelle Murray
Hello Everyone,     Mom isn't home so I decided to use her computer and write the mailing list myself.  Thank you all for helping mom out.  She is a bit of a bonehead at times.  But she does try and is a pretty good mom.  Last night she let me free roam after she put those big 4 legged fu... (2749 more chars)
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Drake's Chronicles - Week of December 12, 2005
(Friday, 16 December 2005) Written by Michelle Murray
   Drake's Chronicles - Week of December 12, 2005 Hello.  My name is Drake and I am about a 9 month old Chinese Water Dragon.  I am exactly 1 foot long!  I don't know how much I weigh yet as my bonehead mom has not done this for me yet.  So anyway I am starting this "blog" which I call Dr... (3371 more chars)
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(Wednesday, 14 December 2005) Written by Tania Cardenas
Hello all!  Tania here, and I've got a 4ish year old male water dragon named Uncle Jake, we call him Jake for short.  I've had him since January of 2002, and we've been through alot together. Here are his current stats:   Jake Male - 4+ years old Weight - 700 grams + (been a few months si... (353 more chars)
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1st post!
(Sunday, 11 December 2005) Written by Tricia
Hi All:     I'm just testing out the new Blog module that I installed.  Registered users should be able to create their own blog.  Just log into the site and in the user menu select "write a blog entry".  Once you are on the Blog entry page simply create a title for your post and enter text ... (705 more chars)
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